Take the VR plunge and build a business around your passion

The goal of the VR Tales is to help starting entrepreneurs like you design compelling experiences in Virtual Reality by focusing on storytelling and creative thinking.

You’ve come to the right place if any of the statements below applies to you:

  • You want to design games and experiences in Virtual Reality but don’t have the skills and knowledge
  • You’re eager to launch a VR business but don’t know where to start
  • You’re wondering what the future of VR will be and where you should focus your efforts
  • You’re trying to figure out how to handle storytelling and interactions in VR
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Why The VR Tales?


  • My mission is to shatter social, cultural and class barriers and unite people through technology. VR is a key component of that mission.
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the next big thing since the Internet. I want to pass the message and paint a picture of what an amazing future they can bring.
  • Getting started in VR has never been easier. By sharing my experiences of building VR applications and a business, I hope to inspire others to do the same.
  • I love telling stories. VR is a new medium and unique opportunity to explore and expand storytelling.

About Antoine Ribordy

Antoine Ribordy

I’m the founder of The VR Tales.

I’m a gamer and fantasy fan with an alternative background. My genuine passion for technology and imaginary worlds has extended over the years to virtual reality, story telling and exploring the mind. I’m an opinionated dreamer who strongly values freedom.

My mission is to make the wildest dreams possible for anyone. Technology can bring us there.

Coming from an engineering background, I favor a no-nonsense approach to life and building simple and intuitive systems that anyone can follow.

I’m the author of Buying a Mac without breaking the Bank.

Over the years I’ve honed skills in project management, product development, marketing and sales. And learned how to validate ideas, plan, build and launch a product, and sell it.

Recently, I’ve read countless books, listened to hundred of podcasts and took several courses to build up my knowledge of VR and game design, programming, neuroscience, strategy, business and entrepreneurship. So I can guide others on their journey to creating a business around their passion for VR.

I’m now creating VR experiences and sharing what I learn along the way, here on the VR Tales.

I live in Vevey, Switzerland with my wife and daughter.