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Now Is The Right Time To Take The VR Boat

  • Want to design games and experiences in Virtual Reality but don't have the skills and knowledge?

  • Are you eager to become a VR Creator but don't know where to start

  • Wondering what the future of VR will be and where you should focus your efforts?

I get it. The VR revival is exciting. There's so much potential. We all want to jump in.

But then, we hesitate...

It's confusing. There's too many headsets, controllers and other devices on the market or in the works. It's hard to see where this is all going.

But what if...

What if, instead of waiting and watching the VR train pass you by, you decided to hop on it today?

What if you could follow a flexible strategy and adapt to the market as it evolves, so you're never left behind?

Have you ever thought: "I wish I had built an online business 15 years ago, now it would be thriving!"?

What about 15 years from now? Are you going to have the same thought, this time about a VR business?

Back in 2015, I created The VR Tales. 3 months later, I changed direction and left VR aside.

To start DreamSetAchieve.com, a website focused on lifestyle design and entrepreneurship.

15 months later, I came to my senses. I realized I was about to miss the VR boat.

Don't miss the VR Boat
Don't miss the VR Boat!

The reason I left it aside for over a year?

I didn't have the skills at that time. And feared it would take too long to develop them.

Don't make the same mistake as me.

VR market

Getting started in VR has never been easier. There's plenty of tools and training around to get you up to speed. And through crowd sourcing, you can get expert resources quickly.

Everyone is learning, which means you can be competitive as a small company. And we're talking here about a market that is predicted to grow to $40 Billion by 2020.

With the right strategy and process, you too can create your own compelling VR experience and then build profits around it.

Antoine Ribordy

I'm Antoine Ribordy, the founder of The VR Tales.

Here I bring together creative people to build a future where anyone can literally reshape their reality.

How do I do it?

By sharing what I learn while building VR applications and games. And by focusing on storytelling and creativity.

Here's what I mean.

Virtual Reality gives you real presence. You're now in the skin of the main character. It's a visceral experience.

Most storytelling tricks from video games and films don't apply here. We're redefining narration guidelines and gameplay rules. It's the start of a new medium, a disruptive one.

Today, you've got a unique opportunity to be creative and shape the VR revolution. You too can help build the future you want and bring your vision to reality. 

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